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This bakery is by appointment only.

To place orders, inquire about pricing, cake flavors & frostings, dietary needs, etc., call or email Rachel!

Phone (919) 434-8229 (call or text)

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Location: Morrisville, NC 27560

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I order?
v  Call, email or send a message through Facebook! See contact information above.
When do I order?
v  Please place orders at least 5 days prior to an event. Please note, sometimes the bakery may not be able to take orders 5 days in advance, depending on the volume of requests/orders.
v  Wedding and large party orders should be placed at least 2 months in advance.
v  In general, it's always best to place your order(s) as early as possible.
Where are you located?
v  Morrisville, NC; Further information will be provided once your order is placed.