“Love’n Sweets makes rich and delicious cakes in any way you can imagine. I like that you can get a normal cake, but could also get one that has any variety of dietary needs.”
- Meagan of Meritt Island, FL

“Love your home bakery name!! It’s perfect! You need to put up pics of the vegan cake you made me and Chris for our wedding celebration. Chris still thinks it was the best cake he’d ever had in his life!! Lol… if you need a testimony, you know where to find a good one. Haha.”
- Shannon of Chapel Hill, NC

“This young lady can bake... Her cupcakes are AMAZING!!!!!!!! :) :) :)”
- Linda of Melbourne, FL

“I love her baking, especially her vegan cakes… and that’s a lot to say coming from a meat eater like myself… She doesn’t only bake wonderfully, but her cooking has opened me to healthier options =) Support her and give her baked goods a try. I bet you’ll come back for more than seconds!!! Miss Pro.!!!”
- Erica of Melbourne, FL

“Your desserts look wonderful and taste just as wonderful!!!”
- Elaine of Derwood, MD

“You need to live closer so I can get fat by coming over and eating all of your cake! The Hawaiian celebration cake was so good that we have decided to make it every year for our anniversary =).”
- Chris of Chapel Hill, NC

“Strawberry shortcake wrapped in whip frosting, mmm… deeeliciousss!!!”
- Evelyn of Melbourne, FL